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Jane Goodall, The Social Entrepreneur

Jane Goodall’s Work in Tanzania Passion over profit is what would define most social entrepreneurs, Jane Goodall is an inspiration to anyone keen on social entrepreneurship.She founded Roots and Shoots in 1991 with 12 Tanzanian high school students with the aim of tackling urgent problems in their community. Currently, Roots and Shoots uses young people […]

Turning Your Hobby To A Business

We all know someone who can cook a great meal, paint like Picasso, or are good with numbers. Maybe the person you are thinking of is actually you. You must have wondered how you can turn what you are good at into profit. Entrepreneurship is a tough landscape to navigate. Passion is part of what […]

10 Smart Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Tanzania

What problem does your business solve? Let’s imagine that you’ve always wanted to open an ice cream shop. But if there are dozens of ice cream stores all over town, then is this really the best business idea for you? Well, if you are passionate about ice cream and have studied the market then maybe […]


Laptops are not only useful for keeping your personal data in one place and watching movies; they’re great when you need to get work done. The best laptop for business and personal use has to be versatile in terms of daily tasks like web search, presentations, word processing, and some specific software. MAC BOOK FEATURES […]

How to Shop on Easyshop Tanzania Website

Here is step by step on how to place your order on this website, please follow this step below. First visit as you see below picture Second step click your product you need to buy as shown on picture below Third step if you wish to buy it click on “Add to Cart” as […]

Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Car

It’s a dream come true for many when it comes to buying their first cars. It is always a joyful experience to own a car for the first time. However, do enough research by asking friends, relatives together with car mechanics in order to understand what it means to own the car that you like. […]

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