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Former CCM MP Killed by angry Residents in Mwanza

The immediate former CCM regional chairman and Kisesa Ward Councillor, Clement Mabina (pictured), died yesterday after he was attacked by angry residents in a land dispute, the Police and the ruling party authorities have confirmed.

Mabina, who was recently ousted by Anthony Diallo in a vote for regional party chair by was killed in the afternoon by furious crowd in a revenge attack following the death of a city resident the former chairman allegedly shot dead at a farmland in Kisesa, a suburb about 10km east of the Mwanza City.

Mwanza acting regional police commander Christopher Fuime confirmed the incident, saying police were deployed to the village after the fatal attack on Mabina. “Preliminary reports indicate that there was a misunderstanding, prompting Mr Mabina to open fire in the air to threaten the irate villagers,” he said.

Acting RPC Fuime said the police have embarked on a manhunt for key suspect behind the lynching. The name of the man said to have been gunned down by the ex-CCM boss couldn’t be immediately identified as his body was rushed to the hospital soon after the shooting.

Mwanza CCM regional secretary, Ms Joyce Masunga, who also confirmed the death of the former party chair, said chaos began at around 11am when people believed to have been sent by Mabina tried to put up boundaries for a farm believed to have been grabbed from the residents.

The angry residents blocked the Mabina team from setting boundaries on the disputed land. The former CCM boss upon being informed of the confrontation, rushed to the scene and tried to reason with the residents. According to an eyewitnesses, it was during this commotion that Mabina shot dead one of the residents.

Furious at the shooting of “one of their own”, the enraged residents set on Mabina with stones and other crude weapons they could find and didn’t stop until he lay dead on the ground.

Efforts to get Mwanza regional commissioner Evarist Ndikilo for comment failed to yield fruit as communication was difficult on the downpour-marred Sunday.

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